How to Train on Obstacles Using Strategy

From the time you start your horse on obstacles you must graduate carefully by not asking for too difficult of obstacles until you feel your horse’s courage and trust growing.

The first time you do something they are trained, the second time they will repeat what ever they learned the first time. You had better be good the first time you introduce your horse to a new obstacle. The first time you introduce a new obstacle to your horse, there cannot be any time pressure.

I keep my legs close to them so I can keep the horse straight during the approach. The horse cannot step left or right. If your horse wants to be cautious and drop his head, this is good because you are teaching him to look at things. The horse’s confidence will grow quickly if you do it this way.

Let your horse decide when to go through an obstacle. Don’t make them think they are in trouble if they don’t want to go. You must be patient and keep your horse thinking with your legs. That is all!

If your horse is allowed to look at or smell the obstacle (especially wood or water) and he trusts you, he will likely go through it with ease.

Make up new obstacles at home that might make your horse stop and look. Practice getting through them perfectly and quietly, not quickly! If your horse stops a lot, this means your horse does not have enough forward motion and should not be on obstacles period. And this is another subject.

If your horse refuses a new obstacle during a show, don’t make him feel like a total failure and don’t spend the entire 30 seconds trying to make him go through it if you know it is going to take an extreme amount of pressure with no result.

If your horse refuses a new obstacle during race, you must find a way to go back if possible after the show. This will enable you to show it to him again without the extreme pressure of competition. If you don’t revisit the challenge, you will have a big problem in the future that will transfer to other obstacles.

Said the horse to the rider…

The best way to help me is to stay out of my way! Don’t lean, don’ pull and don’t come without a plan said the horse to the rider!!

Make sure you get it right the first time because whatever you have just done I have just learned.

There is no such thing as a bad ride!!!