Harrison Howard Climax Turnout Rug Midweight Detachable

Hi, I am glad to see you all here. Today I would like to share my experience of Climax Turnout Rug from Harrison Howard. What I have is medium weight with a removable neck. Personally I really like rug at a very decent price. The reasons are as follows.

I didn’t buy this rug; a friend gave it to me. He has prepared over 20 turnout rugs for his horse and this rug is left brand new. As you know, unlike Horseware and Shires, Harrison Howard is not that famous brand. So at the very beginning I didn’t have any expectation to it. My friend read my mind and he told me something about Harrison Howard. I got to know that Harrison Howard is renowned for their fantastic quality and decent prices and more importantly their wide-ranging features. As I used this rug for several times, I found that it is not worse than Horseware rug. For example the fabric of this rug is quite breathable, as good as the Horseware’s. When my boy attended at a field they run around to play. After a while, he sweated a lot and the breathable fabric allowed quick wicking and drying to keep my boy comfortable. It’s safe to say that the fabric is really fantastic.

In addition to the high performance fabric, the detachable neck is an excellent detail because it provides facility in the changeable weather that we seem to experience throughout the seasons. Removing it when the sun is shining on a cooler day will allow your horse to get some Sun on the neck and some fresh air down the back. However on the ice cold days you can simply reattach the hood to keep them warm, dry and happy. Compared with the full neck rug and those without neck, this removable neck design really offers great flexibility. Other feature I want to add is the gorgeous colour. This rug is Imperial Blue which makes it attractive and extremely eye-catching. It also has the 600 denier polyester outer along with 200 grams polyester lining, which can help to ensure that the outside remains tear free and the inside provides ultimate insulation. To keep the horse secure, specifically when the wind is blowing, there are two clip fastenings, cross surcingles which are adjustable and the double strap closure in the front. This is very thoughtful I think.

For further protection, at the back of the rug there is a tail flap. And the inside of it is coated with PVC which can be easily cleaned. You know I really hate removing the dumps. It is extremely troublesome. But now with this PVC coated tail flap, cleaning becomes an easy job. This rug is quilted with 200 grams fills and it’s a great way to use throughout the winter or as a transition into a heavyweight rug. In addition, this rug is quite waterproof and breathable. So even in the evening of a wet weather my horse can be kept dry inside and out.

I hope this could be helpful to you when you decide whether to buy this Climax rug or not.