Harrison Howard Climax Detachable Turnout Rug Review

Hi, everyone, any ideas on the detachable turnout rugs? If classified by neck cover, there are four types of turnout rugs, integrated neck cover, wug, detachable and without neck. I know they have their own advantages respectively for different usages. It seems a little bit stupid to discuss which is good or which is not. I used to buy full neck turnout rugs and the ones without neck cover but never tried a detachable one. But recently I bought a detachable turnout rug and find it really great. So I am writing now to share some of my ideas with you. The rug I bought is Climax Detachable Turnout Rug from Harrison Howard. It is Mulberry Red. It sounds very lovely, doesn’t it?

This is my first time I bought a detachable turnout rug and I never thought it could be so practical. As you know a rug with integrated neck cover is aimed to provide all-body warmth during the cold days. And the rug without neck cover is designed to give the horse more freedom and comfort. As you see, a detachable design is an excellent combination of these two rugs. It has both of the two advantages, more warmth in coldness and more comfort when the neck cover is detached. Maybe some of you may think it is very troublesome to detach or facilitate, but concerning the convenience it offers, it is not a problem at all. Take me for example, when I turn out my horse in cold winter I rug my little boy with this detachable rug to provide him warmth. After walking for a little while, my little boy starts to sweat and then I detach the neck cover to cool him. So just imagine if this rug is not detachable, my little boy is supposed to get annoyed by the heat and moisture. In one word, one detachable turnout rug is equal to one full neck and one without neck cover.

One difference of this rug from others I’ve got is that all the hardwares are made of stainless steel. As I know, even the Horseware doesn’t use stainless steel in all of their hardwares. Personally I suggest all the hardwares in rugs should be made from stainless steel, or the rusted buckles may ruin the whole rug. This rug’s fabric is quite waterproof and the seams are taped quite well so that this rug has a very good waterproof property. I suppose if I ride out in a downpour, my little boy will still stay dry. This is really awesome!

At last I want to add something, I really hate cleaning the tail flap especially when the horsey dump is on it. But this time for this Climax rug I got a surprise, that is, the inside of the tail flap is coated with PVC. The PVC material can be easily cleaned and I am really pleased that this PVC makes cleaning dumps an easy job.

This is all I want to say about this detachable rug. As far as I am concerned, it is worthwhile to buy a detachable one rather than a full neck one. I hope this review won’t make me silly. I just want to share this with you fellows.