Harrison Howard CareMaster Polar Fleece Rug Review

Hi, everyone, today I am going to review the CareMaster Polar Fleece of Harrison Howard. I bought a Pasture Green one from eBay last winter. I used it as an under rug for my boy. I find that it really works well in insulation. So I am very happy to share this high performance rug with you.

Just like other fleece rugs, it is made from high-tech double bonded polar fleece with excellent thermal and wicking properties. This double bonded fleece provides very good insulation in cold winter. If our horses are not protected by a warm rug, they must get hurt by the elements, especially in cold winter nights when the temperature dropped and a single rug isn’t enough. So buying our horse a under rug in winter is quite necessary. This fleece rug is created without back seams so that it doesn’t cause much pressure and rubbing to my boy. I think this is quite good. As you know in winter, the horse has to wear heavyweight stable rugs or turnout rugs. If the under rug is heavy too, I don’t think they can stand the pressure. This rug is ultimately comfortable and lightweight but it offers a good heating solution. This is how I used this rug in winter. Not only that. It can be used as a single rug in spring and autumn too. Because this rug has adjustable font straps which make this rug fit perfectly and comfortable.

When spring or autumn is around the corner, I remove the heavy rugs and rug my boy with this rug. It is lightweight and my horse can relax from the heavyweight winter rugs. Moreover, it is still cold in early spring and this warm rug is perfectly suitable for this period. Next let me talk about its excellent wicking property. It allows gradual cooling and can keep my horse dry quickly especially after exercising. This cooling property seems necessary for winter turnout since you can’t remove your horse’s turnout rug in the cold winter when he sweats or otherwise he may catch a cold. In this case, a rug with good wicking property is quite helpful. I don’t have to worry my boy will get annoyed by the moisture any more. In the past, my boy couldn’t calm down for a long time after travelling, but now owning to the quick-drying rug he can get quiet soon. I am so pleased to see this.

Another thing I want to mention is the colour of this rug. There are five colours available in their eBay shop, Tango Red, Pasture Green, Dark Silver, Medal Brown and Imperial Blue. Mine is Pasture Green. Why I list these colours here. As you can see, they are all dark colours which can keep this rug stay clean longer for they are not dirt sensitive. But for purpose of good looking, those colour are also impressive. With regard of this point, I think Harrison Howard is quite thoughtful.

This is all I want to share with you about this fleece rug. I hope some of my words could be helpful to you.