Science Fiction Aquarium Decor For Nerds

Once it may have been an insult to call someone a nerd but these days, with nerds being some of the richest people on the planet, being known as a nerd is a praise. One of the things that all nerds share in common is a passion for science fiction. Who among us can resist the allure of traveling to distance stars and mingling with the exotic life forms that may exist on other planets.

Now you have a chance to bring your passion for aliens and spacecraft into the comfort of your home. You can do so exquisitely by decorating your fish tank with some of the coolest science fiction fish tank ornaments. These ornaments come from some of the most famous science fiction TV shows and movies and will be an excellent addition to your collection.

Let’s start by checking out some of the different types of science fiction aquarium decorations that you could get.

The Doctor Who Aquarium Collection

Doctor Who is one TV series that has stood the test of time. The alien entity known as The Doctor traveling through space and time in a Police Box known as the TARDIS, battling Daleks and Cybermen, has captured the imagination of millions not just from the UK where the series started by in the US as well.

In the Doctor Who aquarium collection, you have a replica of the TARDIS looking worn with a gaping hole on the top. This makes it the perfect cave for your fish. You also have a choice of two Dalek colors; yellow and red. As for the Cyberman, there is a full figurine as well as a Cyberman helmet which doubles as a cave as well and also a background decor.

The only thing that is missing from this collection is The Doctor which is really a shame because I would love to incorporate him into this design.

Alien Worlds Collection

Other than Doctor Who, you can also craft your own alien world by matching various other science fiction tank ornaments.

The first would be spacecrafts. One type features a UFO that had crash landed on a small hill. The craft is intricately designed and the hill contains a really nice cave. Apart from this UFO, there is also a more colorful, childish type that is connected to the tank aerator and moves along with the bubbles.

For the Aliens, there are over a dozen different types to choose from. These come in numerous colors and range from snake like ones to tentacled, bobbly eyed ones.

To create an awesome effect, you could place a fish tank background depicting the stars or a space scenery.

If your tank is not large enough or if you would rather just have one tank ornament, a cool one to get is the Alien Skull. This skull has really large oval eyes that allow the fish to enter into its large skull cavity.

Using LEGO Science Fiction Sets

LEGO has some really awesome sets depicting scenes from various Science Fiction movies. The ones that I have seen plentiful comes from Star Wars. Using nine of these sets, you would have a complete tank ornaments which you could place inside your aquarium to create your very own unique design.

The cool thing about using these LEGO sets is that it comes as a complete scene and does not require you to purchase anything else.

But when using LEGO in your aquarium, remember to wash it thoroughly first and soak it in plain water for at least a day or two to remove any chemical residue. Also, Lego floats in water. This means that you would have to find a way to weigh the pieces down. I prefer to use aquarium glue to glue them to rocks.