Traveling With Your Dog in the Cold Weather

Planning to go winter sports and wondering if you can take your dog with you? The answer is yes, provided you prepare beforehand and everything will go well once you are there. Your dog will love to roll, run, jump and even slide on the snow, while discovering superb landscapes.

Your dog can perfectly accompany you during your winter holidays and thus enjoy the joys of the mountain. However, some precautions must be taken so that the experience takes place in the best conditions.

The first aspect to study is accommodation. It is, in fact, a question of finding a hotel, a vacation rental or any other form of accommodation where dogs are accepted. There are more and more. You could also look at AirBnB. Also remember to find out about the spaces, services and activities that the dog can access. These range from restaurants to hiking trails and ski lifts.

Going skiing with your dog is quite an adventure! Your best friend will love to run, play, roll, slide in the snow. Your pet will take a few minutes to get used to it but will be able to enjoy the joys of powder without problem.

Depending on your ski resort, your dog may try different activities:

• snowshoeing: the animal is linked to its owner and tows it, a little or a lot depending on your dog’s wishes.

• the cani-scooter: a scooter to which you harness your dog to discover the joys of sliding together. To be practiced on groomed trails or equipped for teams.

• ski-joëring with dog: usually practiced with a horse or a pony, this sport requires a good mastery of cross-country skiing. The skier is connected to his dog who runs in front by an elastic lanyard.

If these activities do not tempt you, know that nothing will please your animal more than a session of play in the powder with you. Digging holes, throwing snowballs, slipping, running: all activities that should delight him!

You must protect your dog from the cold during the holidays

you must also ensure that your dog is effectively protected from the cold. When going on vacation in the mountains with your dog, remember to take:

• Their documents: health book and pet passport, if the destination is in another country.

• Their warm coat and boots if necessary – there are some great coats on our site

• A first-aid kit especially for your dog, containing dog friendly creams, plasters etc as well as flea spray and a tick hook. If there is hear worms around be sure to take the precautions.

• A collar and name tag with your phone number on it.

• Their collar, leash. Running leash etc. On SoWaggy we have collars and leashes that light up for areas of poor visibility.

• Warm dog coats, blankets and towels to keep them warm and dry.

• Food, bowls and doggy bags.

Lastly, remember to both have fun in the snow!