Maintaining Peace When One Pooch Is Not Enough

Do you know why some people cheat in a relationship? It’s not because they don’t love their partner. No, it is because they feel it is limiting to love just one person. Well, it’s probably the same reason why you are planning to adopt a new pooch.

Really, bringing a new pooch into your home can feel like cheating on your older dog. Like human relationships, maintaining peace in a polygamous relationship can be a bit difficult. When resentment comes between two dogs, things can get really messy. But, as a dog lover, does this mean you can’t peacefully keep two pooches? Absolutely not!

Dogs can play together happily at the dog park. However, because of their territorial nature, when you introduce a new dog into your home, the older dog may feel threatened-something like, “Who’s this new guy that is coming to share my toys and affection?”

Yes, it’s an entirely new feeling; your once quiet, warm and faithful companion has suddenly become so aggressive that he or she seem not to listen to you anymore. That’s why we are here to help you find peace as you grow your family.

First Things First; make a proper introduction

Imagine walking into your home to find strangers playing with your stuff. What would be your reaction? No need to comment, but, don’t blame your furry friend for putting up the same attitude towards the new family member-if you fail to get them acquainted.

Before bringing a new dog into your home, experts suggest you arrange several informal meetings between both of them. More importantly, this meeting should happen on a neutral field where none of them will feel threatened or have the need to become protective.

Know the things that can lead to a fight

Fight can easily occur when the new dog takes the toy of the old dog and refuse to give it back, when it’s feeding time, or when you buy unusual accessories for one and leave out the other.

It is best to feed them separately. Dogs have very sensitive nose and mixing up their feeding bowls can also lead to a fight. Thankfully, you can get customized dog bowls so that this error never happens.

Treating the dogs equally

Giving your pooches equal treatment is probably the most important thing you need to do to keep everyone happy. If the older dog already has a routine, make sure the new dog follows the same routine. That way, the older dog will not feel threatened or maltreated.

Like humans, shared tasks can help dogs to get closer to each other. When going for a walk, make sure you tag along with both of them. We have cool harness with leash that you can use to keep them in check while you walk.

When the dreaded happens

Even friends sometimes get into fights. Knowing how to break up a fight is like a survival skill if you love dogs or considering a blended home. Recall a time you were really angry and someone was trying to shout you down? Did it work? Guess not, right? It’s sometimes the same experience you will get during a dog fight.

If you must get involved physically, grab their back legs and pull them apart. Trying to reach for their collar will get you bitten. Most times, spraying them with water is enough to break up the fight. If you have an air horn, blowing it can also get them to calm down.

Well, if you follow the basic rules we have mentioned, fights may never happen. You will live happily ever after with your pooches. Depending on the size of your love for dogs, you can even consider adopting a third.