Is Talking to My Cats Like Talking to Myself?

There are three cats in my family and they are like my children now that everyone else has left. More and more I find myself talking to them as if they understand every word. There are times when it crosses my mind that maybe I am really talking out loud to myself. They seem to understand, however, and their attitude towards me is one of selecting times when they demand cuddles and usually when I settle the three of them settle on top of me.

Help! What is going on here? Has my brain deteriorated down to their level or are they reaching up to mine?

Cats have been a part of my life from a very young age. My gran had one named Sarg and he lived till he was about 20 years of age which was way past when she died. He was probably the first pet in my life and we were all attached to him.

When in my teens I found a little black kitten in the backyard that had obviously crawled out from under dad’s shed. Taking it into the house it was then that the fleas emerged in their hundreds. Wow! None the less we kept him and I called him ‘Fella’. Well he was black and the name suited him. A couple of days later his brother turned up and he was named ‘Find’.

My cousin adopted the last one and the two of them were eventually both mine. Fella had a personality that was so adorable and when I went away the phone would be held to his ear so he could hear my voice. He purred his little heart out when that happened.

Over the years, other cats have come and gone and they have all contributed greatly to my life. For the last 30 or so years I took to breeding kittens and that was a great joy as so many benefited from the little beauties. The mothers are adorable and they are now the 3 that are with me as there are no litters produced now.

One would have to say that the understanding between us is rather great. They know there are times when I need privacy from them and they stick to themselves. When I go out they are always waiting to welcome me home again. While there have always been a dog in the family that is no longer the case and won’t be again because the cats are much better.

Dogs are gorgeous but they smell. You can always tell homes where they reside and they jump around and demand walks and things that frankly I am a little past that. Being a retired person who spends much of the day writing or painting the companionship and love from my cats is enough to satisfy my needs. Probably that’s why they understand when my voice is heard. They don’t need to know what is said only that they hear it, just as Fella did.