Basic Facts About Budgerigar Parakeets

Budgerigar parakeets are small, long tailed and seed eating parrots. They were from Australia for so many years ago although this has some doubts as the origin is not clear yet. This kind of species is found all over the world, and they are naturally green and yellow, although they have some black marks in some specific parts of their body.

Some of the unique features of the budgerigar parakeets are that they are small, they are sold at a cheaper price, they have the ability to mimic a human being and they have a different playing nature in contrast to the other types of parrots in the world.

1. Budgerigar parakeet’s health

Although it is hard for a human being to tell when a bird is sick, there are some of the signs that will tell you when the parakeet is sick or not. They will have the following signs:

  • Difficulty in breathing;
  • Frequent dropping, which will come in abnormal color;
  • Different from the normal sleeping pattern;
  • Bleeding on some parts;
  • Relaxed and dropping parts like the head and the tail;
  • Drinking lots of water, more than normal;
  • Unusual discharge from the nostrils or the beak;
  • Low appetite no matter how much and different food is provided;
  • Unusual picking and plucking of the feathers;
  • Staying dirty all through;
  • Vomiting in some cases;
  • Difference in weight.

2. Budgerigar parakeet lifespan

This kind of species has a unique lifespan and styles as well. It has been noted to live for up to 8 to 10 years with a clean cage, and doing some daily exercises. Eating healthy food and having lots of activities will increase the budgie lifespan.

3. Budgerigar parakeet’s sex

It is not easy for one to tell whether a budgie is a male or a female. This is just like from the other bird species out there. If a cere is brown, this is likely a female, but if the cere is blue, it is a male.

4. Budgie diet

Gives your budgie a nice meal and it will have better health than any other bird. Get some seed mix as this is likely to do well in it. Some fruits and vegetables are a part of good budgie’s diet.

5. Budgie breeding

The budgie parakeet is often playful and should always be provided with some partners to make sure that the lifestyle is not boring as they grow. Their normal breeding age is 12 months while in most cases is between three to four months.